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Stubby Cooler - You're f**king awesome, keep that shit up

Stubby Cooler - You're f**king awesome, keep that shit up

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To all the mumma bears doubting themselves, to all the ladies who can't keep up with the housework, to all the Queens who want the list to just disappear for a day, to all the bosses who are still working on a Saturday night, to all the domestic goddesses who's kids won't eat their veggies, to all the chaos organisers who cleaned the toilet again to only have it peed ARE enough. You can do this! You're f@#king awesome. Keep that shit up. Keep going.

Oh, and you know, could be for the blokes too...

Stay cool this summer and keep your drink chill with a fucking awesome, swearing fucking stubby cooler. Because, well, why fucking not, hey?!

Velcro stubby cooler with no base, 5mm thick.

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