I'm after a product with a picture of my kids' favourite TV show printed on it, can you help?

Short answer, nope! 

It is illegal to print and sell anything copyright. So basically if you didn't design it, or purchase it with a commercial licence, I can't print it. It must belong to you. So no Disney, Bluey, Team Merch (AFL etc) Logos (unless they are your own, eg, no CocaCola or Harley Davidson) Sorry!

I love a design I've seen you post on Facebook or Insta, but I can't find it on your website, is it still available?

Most probably! I can print most of my designs on most products, just flick me an email at wildcoralcreations@gmail.com with a screenshot or some details and I'll let you know! 

Can you print my logo on one of your mugs or cups?

I usually can! Email me at wildcoralcreations@gmail.com with your logo file. Send me a file of your logo and I'll let you know if it's something I can do! 

I want to stock your mugs or keyrings in my shop! Do you offer wholesale pricing?

I sure do! Please send me an email with the products you're interested in! wildcoralcreations@gmail.com