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Fabric Photo Wall Decals - Large Photo package

Fabric Photo Wall Decals - Large Photo package

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Fabric Photo Wall Decals - Easier than hanging frames and WAY easier than wallpaper! Quick, re-usable and just fabulous to brighten your walls and share your photos that would otherwise be forever trapped in your phone.

Place them as pictured or mix them up! Can also be used as several smaller photo displays!!

Pick us! Stick us! Move us! 


Includes a total of 15 photos (see images for sizing)

10 x 15cm squares

1 x 70cm x 40cm

1 x 52cm x 33cm

3 x 33cm sqaures

*BEFORE PROCESSING ORDER* Please ensure you have the correct amount of photos uploaded for each size.

Finished display size is approximate. It will depend on the spacing you use!

Love your photos.


  • Re-positional adhesive, canvas like fabric.
  • Easily applied almost anywhere (flat, smooth surfaces), then removed and reused as desired.
  • Easily applied by a novice installer and doesn't leave any adhesive residue when removed.
  • Won't rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation!
  • Awesome for renters or anyone who doesn't want to put holes in their walls.
  • Suitable for most clean, smooth surfaces. Some silicone paints may repel the low tack adhesive, please contact me if you're worried and want to order a sample to try first!

How to upload your photos:

1. Press the "Choose Photo" button.

2. Select choose a local file on your device or select an alternative below. (NOTE: Facebook photos are of a lower resolution and won't be as high quality as originals, this applies to Instagram and screenshots too.)

3. Once your photo uploads, tap on the image, this will allow you to crop your image to where you want. If left untouched it will crop to the centre automatically. 

4. Select "Apply" at the bottom of the screen once you are happy with the crop selection. (NOTE: If you crop the image too small you will reduce the quality and resolution.)

5. Click "Add" to add the image.

6. Select the number of decals you wish to purchase. If you want more than one image, unload them now! Otherwise we will print multiples of the one image.

7. Finally, click "Add to cart" and follow the link to finalise your order. Enjoy!


     Hold up!! If you see this symbol it means we need to talk! If I print this it won't be the high quality and resolution that you'd want hanging on your wall. have two choices, either choose a smaller size print or a higher quality image. If you've uploaded an image from Facebook or Instagram, they are always lower resolution images - try with the original instead! If this makes no sense - contact me and I'll try again!!

PLEASE NOTE: Editing is not included in your purchase. Please ensure that your photos are ready to print and the highest quality possible, we take no responsibility for low quality images.

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