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Teacher Reward Stickers - Personalise with your bitmoji

Teacher Reward Stickers - Personalise with your bitmoji

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Reward your tiny tribe with super fun bitmoji reward stickers, they’re cute, they’re reaffirming and will boost your awesome levels amongst your class of tiny people...and hopefully get you a better Christmas gift than last years ‘best teacher’ mug...this year's mug will say ‘awesome teacher’! 

Also a great gift for your favourite teacher!  

Choose up to 5 different bitmoji images (and leave me a note if you'd like to personalise them with any text. eg. "Well done" shown in image)

Stickers are 30mm.

1 sheet (15 stickers) $9

3 Sheets (45 stickers) $14

6 sheets (90 stickers) $23

How to upload your images:

1. Choose the quantity of sheets you require. (If you're wanting a quantity that isn't available, contact me for more options)

2. Press the "Upload your bitmoji" button.

3. Press 'Choose File' and find the photo on your device (NOTE: Facebook photos are of a lower resolution and won't be as high quality as originals, this applies to Instagram and screenshots too.)

4. Once your image uploads, it will take you to a crop screen, this will allow you to crop your image to where you want. If left untouched it will crop to the centre automatically. 

5. Select the tick at the bottom right of the photo once you are happy with the crop selection. (NOTE: If you crop the image too small you will reduce the quality and resolution.)

6. Continue to add photos using the 'Choose File' buttons.

7. Finally, click "Add to cart" and follow the link to finalise your order. Enjoy!


1. Download the bitmoji app.
2. Create your cute avatar who looks just like you (only younger!) You can browse the different expressions, poses and messages and then choose which one you like.
3. Once you’ve chosen, you need to press and hold to save as an image (or screenshot it) and then upload your choices with the button above!



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