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Wall Decals - Fairy collection

Wall Decals - Fairy collection

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Make a magical space for your children (or yourself!!) with these gorgeous fabric wall decals. I've even tested these inside a cubbyhouse, and as part of a fairy garden display (just make sure your surfave is clean and dry before sticking!) and think they are just perfect!! 



Mini Packs - 1 pack for $25 or both for $40

Fairies and friends are approx 10cm ea

Fairy Full Pack - Medium

Dragon - 20cm

Swan - 11cm

Deer - 17cmx9cm

2 x Trees - 20-22cm high

Fairy house - 25cmx20cm

Fox - 12cm

5 x Fairies - 10-12cm

3 x Butterflies – 8cm

Various elements including flowers, clouds, acorns as shown – 3-5cm

 Fairy Full Pack - Large

Dragon - 29cm

Swan – 16cm

Deer - 24cm13cm

2 x Trees - 28-31cm high

Fairy house - 36cmx28cm

Fox - 17cm

5 x Fairies - 15-17cm

3 x Butterflies – 13cm

Various elements including flowers, clouds, acorns as shown – 5-8cm  


  • Re-positional adhesive, canvas like fabric.
  • Easily applied almost anywhere (flat, smooth surfaces), then removed and reused as desired.
  • Easily applied by a novice installer and doesn't leave any adhesive residue when removed.
  • Won't rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation!
  • Awesome for renters or anyone who doesn't want to put holes in their walls.
  • Suitable for most clean, smooth surfaces. Some silicone paints may repel the low tack adhesive, please contact me if you're worried and want to order a sample to try first!

*decals are not a toy and some small parts could present a choking hazard, keep out of reach of small children*

All wall decals are printed to order, please allow up to 10 working days for your decals to be shipped or ready for collection.

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