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Wine bottle labels - Thank you/teacher theme

Wine bottle labels - Thank you/teacher theme

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Personalise a gift of wine with your own fancy schmancy wine labels, that you can personalise YOURSELF! These stickers are finished off with a blank box at the bottom that you or your child/ren can sign using a SHARPIE marker! How's that for personal!


1 - $9

2 - $12

3 - $15

4 - $18

5 - $21

OR get the mixed pack of 5 for $20

 Stickers are 90x110mm waterproof vinyl ) (This listing is for the stickers only. Wine is not included ;))

Tips: I got some clean skin wines from my favourite Dan Murphy's, soaked them in warm water with a bit of BiCarb Soda for about an hour and then gave them a scrub with a scourer or some steel wool. Dry the bottle off good and proper, and stick the label on! Be careful not to rub over the sharpie area too much with your fingers! (Or wait till the label is on before giving it your personalisation)

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